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Interior flat glass, with gaskets and "Window Widget" adapter for stoves that take a full circle piece of Pyroceram

Pyrex pie plate #209   
9" clear

may be available at local grocery and hardware stores  

Set of 4  18" tie rods and nuts

Set of 4  24" tie rods and nuts

Dampney Thurmalox aerosol cans  of stove paint

Your choice of metallic gray, satin black, or midnight green (you will need two to do an average stove)

Complete gasket replacement kit, for ends, door and glass with cement
$25.00 non cat $35.00 catalytic  

Ceramic Catalytic Combuster, by Condar
Price, $150.00

Wood knobs

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include freight. Freight cost is based on total weight of order being shipped.